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These niche templates come with content. The designs are “compact” and have proven to satisfy the search engines and visitors. I have access to over 200 templates and have provided a link to all of them. Those with a “v” next to them have an optional niche video that can be included.

Click on any photo to get to the demo site. Any theme can be used for a related or unrelated business. Theme colors can be changed. The sites are all WordPress based and can be easily be modified by me or any other website developer. You or someone on your staff can have permission set to modify photos or text, if that’s what you would like. You never want to have a website created in bare code – it’s expensive, and if that person disappears you will be in trouble. WordPress has become the standard for the majority of local business websites.

These designs were professionally created. They give you an idea of the overall  look of a well-designed website that would use your text, photos, videos, and booking form. Generally, I charge between $400 to $900 for a website. The only additional charge is $150/year for support, backup, and a reasonable amount of changes. Call me at 978-408-8280.  ART


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