A Few Sample Website Niche Videos

These are a few examples of niche videos that can be placed on your website, YouTube channel, or Facebook page. There isn’t a major business category for which I don’t have a video.

Most videos can have your call to action and phone number embedded into the video. I can create videos from scratch, too. The easiest way is to take 5 to 10 photos and create videos for each of your services. By rearranging the order and adding new title frames for each service, unique videos can be created. Call me at 978-408-8280.  ART

I can create a wedding video from up to 100 photos. Click on the photo to see a demonstration of a great template that I can buy/use. The three songs in the video license for about $50 per song. I have access to hundreds that will work as well as no extra charge. $200 for the video that can be posted to YouTube and Vimeo.  A DVD would be extra.

If you need a professional video for your business or event, please call me. I can show you in advance what it will look like.  ART 978-408-8280


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